Get Ready with your Kids’ School Accessories During this Summer Vacation

Let us move forward and continue with the preparations to be made for school going kids during this summer vacation. We had discussed the labels for uniforms and tiffin boxes in our last post [Get Ready with your Kids’ School Accessories During this Summer Vacation]. Check out for these cool ideas too, so that your kids get organized as they start preparing to go back to school.
It is a fact to remember that kids love to see personalized labels on their clothes, books, tiffin boxes, and so forth. As mentioned earlier, the kids going to the same school would carry the similar type of school bags too and obviously, the school bag labels should not be spared in the list.
There are several branded companies who manufacture and sell the complete set of labels that are helpful for school going kids. The versatile labels for the kids with its playful designs attract the kids and also help them to keep their things organized. A few parents are innovative in sending their kids back to school with special goodies like chocolate bars or pencils to be gifted for their close friends. It would be a great idea if the chocolate bar or the pencil are gift-wrapped and stuck with Best wishes labels. Though it seems to be a small thing, it creates emotional bonding between classmates when they meet each other after the vacation. The glory lit up in the face of the friends upon receiving the gifts is a sensitive thing that reflects in co-operative living throughout the academics.
Apart from buying labels and other things at their personal level, the institute also sells labels along with other stationeries while submitting the fee for the next academics. The school labels carry the logo or saying of the school and one has to buy it and paste it on books to maintain a uniform standard. The schools have a contract with the specific label manufacturers and they prepare the labels customized for their schools and thus it is mandatory to buy them from the school itself. So, it is recommended that not to buy the labels or the name stickers to be pasted on the books before hand.
Whoever buys the labels either from school or at personal level, they are meant for teaching the kids the art of organizing things creatively and systematically like the similar types like school books; another type for tiffin box, water bottle, and other boxes meant for foodie stuff; stationery items like compass box, pencil box, stapler, colors box, and, etc.; clothings; and so forth. Moreover, there will be no chance to lose items at school or the camp.
In a nutshell, it is the duty of every parent to make sure everything is in order for their kids as the first bell for the new academic is about to ring.

Originally published at on April 11, 2017.