Blue Dart Shipping Extension

Blue Dart Shipping Magento2 Extension

Blue Dart Shipment Integration extension for Magento2 is the smartest way to let your customers check the availability of Cash on Delivery option for a particular region or the Total Price of the order. A PDF, including product and user details, is sent to sales department for every sale.


Customers’ choice to buy a product is based on many factors, including store credibility, product pricing, and above all the availability of Cash on Delivery. Most shipping companies offer the option of cash on delivery for online shoppers to reinstate their belief in the store from where they are making their purchase. Following the strong positive feedback base, timely delivery and many other reasons, Blue Dart Company is chosen as the shipping partner by a number of online stores. The shipping company does not offer COD option for every region; the region where this option is given is decided by the Blue Dart Company itself. To help your customers know if they are eligible for the benefit, we bring to you a right solution- Blue Dart Shipment Integration extension for Magento2.

This robust extension helps to generate a remarkable customer shopping experience by permitting them to check for an accessibility of COD option in the region. It’s a must have feature for every e-store as people look for the cash on delivery option before they place order. Sometimes it’s the only base of their decision-To buy or not to buy a product.

This extension is designed to let store owners make it easier for online shoppers to check the availability of COD in their region and for a product. Customers can enter the pin code where they want the product to be delivered, and this extension gives information about the option availability to the user.

Once the order is placed, this extension generates a PDF which is sent to the sales department for further process. The PDF includes all the details related to the buyer, product, company, and order ID of the products in the form of a barcode. Blue Dart team can then scan the ID of the product when the order is received and then carry out order tracking.

Key Features

  • Check for cash on delivery available based on zip code
  • Can check at product detail and cart page
  • Cash on delivery payment available method based on zip code in shipping address at checkout
  • Send consignment to bluedart and get awb number
  • Print/ Download consignment pdf
  • Create Shipment for order, if you want then shipment will be generated with awb number and will mail to customer.

The Cash on Delivery option is based on two factors:

The Region

Cash on Delivery is not available in every region, but only some selected ones. The discretion for determining the regions where COD is available is to be made available is on the Blue Dart Company. With this extension, it’s easier for the online shoppers to check whether or not the option is possible for the user’s purchase. People prefer to check if the Cash on Delivery option is available in their region before making a purchase.

The Price

Blue Dart offers COD option only for the products that are priced in a particular range. This extension makes it possible for the buyers to check if they are eligible for the Cash on Delivery by entering the price of the product they are buying.

[Note: Extension can only be integrated by stores that have partnered up with Blue Dart for shipment of their products.]