Benefits Of Magento 2 Upgradation For E-Commerce Stores

Selecting the right web development platform has always been the biggest question for online sellers. A platform that brings features such as customization, scalability, responsiveness, security, and more, is considered ideal for building an online store. Over the years, Magento has emerged as a preferred choice for sellers. One of the biggest reasons that it is much appreciated is the constant upgrades and improvements it brings. Magento 2 is the latest offering that has brought an array of additional functionalities that can be added to an existing e-commerce store. The scope of improvement is huge for those looking for Magento store development or even migrating to the advanced version. There are benefits for sellers as well as buyers as the new platform promises to deliver an omni channel shopping experience.

The Seller’s Perspective
 Magento 2 Development or upgradation has an extensive list of benefits for online sellers, irrespective of the size of the business. Small and mid-sized enterprises, which have fewer products and customization needs, can wait a bit for switching over. But the large ones with greater customization need to take off immediately as there is a lot in store for them let’s have a look:

High Performance
Magento 2 upgradation guarantees an unmatched performance boost for your Magento store. It offers a faster loading time as well as speedy checkout as compared to its predecessor. This is attributed to the native support of Varnish and full page caching. Additionally, the new version supports PHP 7, which enhances the store performance manifold.

Improved Interface
The revised platform brings an all-new admin interface, which is far more interactive and user-friendly in design. It packs new features such as custom views of products and orders along with improvements in the mechanism of product export and import. These improved features boost the productivity of the business.

Easy Maintenance And Upgrade
Magento 2 comes with a new modular code base, which makes magento development and upgrades simpler, faster, and cost-effective. The analytic capability of the new version is improved too. It is now easier to identify the unused extensions and discard them during the upgrade.

Enhanced Scalability
Another benefit that a seller can experience by moving over to Magento 2 is that it gives enhanced scalability to the online store. The platform offers optimized codes and images as well as varnish caching, which serve the needs of growing business. It is also compatible with an array of third-party integrations.

The Buyer’s Perspective
The benefits of switching over to the advanced version of Magento extend to the buyer too.

Excellent Shopping Experience
An array of new features with improved store interface ensure a much better shopping experience for the buyers. Migrating to Magento 2 reduces the unnecessary steps and eases up the online transactions. This translates into higher conversion rates for the business.

Streamlined Checkout Process
The new version has also streamlined the checkout process with simplified guest checkout and integration of payment gateways. This has made shopping more convenient and less time-consuming.

Faster Page Loading
Store designs have become lightweight with Magento 2. This has boosted the page loading speed manifold, again improving the user experience.

Magento has made its second coming and the new avatar is all set to open a whole world of opportunities for e-commerce ventures. Businesses should, therefore, make this switch to avail these opportunities for their growth and betterment.

Originally published at on March 27, 2017.