Designing A Perfect Category Page For Magento Mobile Apps

The layout of an online store decides how well it sells. After all, the purchase decision of online shoppers largely depends upon the visual impact and the ease of navigation on the store. The chances of conversion are high if the products are presented in an attractive and clean manner. This is particularly important for the stores which have large product catalogs. Grouping the products into categories is a good way to facilitate the browsing process and encourage the buyers to complete the transaction. The design of the product categories is crucial for mobile apps, as the interface and navigation are the bigger issues due to small screen size.

A perfect-looking category page works through the following stages drive sales for a mobile app:

  • It grabs the attention of the users when they arrive at the category via a search engine or through internal linking. Whether or not the app will be able to retain the user depends on how well the products are presented in the form of categories
  • Once the user is engaged, a well-framed category page will be able to capture him and take him ahead to complete the transaction
  • Finally, it will entice the user enough to pick one or more products and close the sale

For a category page to be optimized to perform all these functions, it is important that you craft it to perfection. Magento is such a platform which offers an array of features and functionalities to help you with it. Here are the design features to be incorporated in your product category page during magento mobile app development:

Main Categories

The primary aspect of a product category page design is dividing the products into main categories. The business has to evaluate all the products it offers and broadly divide them into main categories on the basis of their attributes.

Sub Categories

Next, the Magento Developer has to create sub-categories by grouping the similar products under relevant main heads. This is a complicated process which needs to be done with care so that users do not get confused while browsing the products.

Relevant Category Names

A relevant and self-explanatory category name is essential for each of these main and sub-categories so that users can directly look for the products they want. Having SEO friendly keyword-based product names makes them more searchable.

Visual Imagery

The next part of creating product categories as a part of Magento App Development relates to adding images and banners to enhance their aesthetic appeal. For instance, the trending products category an be introduced with an attractive banner, which would entice the user to directly reach the relevant category.

Design Layout

The design layout is the most crucial part of creating product categories on a Magento app. The pages should be clutter-free, without an optimal number of products on each page. A sleek layout retains the customers and influences them to shop too.


Filters make one of the key functionalities for shopping apps as these make the shopping experience faster and easier. These enable the buyers to shortlist the products from their respective categories by choosing a filter, such as color, size, or price.

Having all these features in the category pages of the Magento mobile app for your business ensures a great shopping experience for the buyers. A reputed Magento Website Development Company can be trusted to build a mobile app with perfectly designed category pages that give your business a competitive edge.

Originally published at on March 16, 2017.