Making The Right Choice of Magento 2 Themes For Your Online Store

Magento has earned an excellent reputation as an e-commerce platform because of the amazing features and functionalities it bundles up. Though it is important for a store to have advanced features, the design is more like its backbone. Choosing the right Magento theme is something that can make all the difference when it comes to giving an attractive design to the e-commerce store. Not only does a theme represent the virtual face of the brand, but also embodies the products or services offered by it.

Therefore, the choice of a perfect Magento theme is significant for reflecting your business in the right way. Magento 2 brings a host of outstanding themes that offer compelling benefits over those made available by its predecessor. You can pick one of these to create an unmatched store and fetch success for your business. Here are some tips to help you with the choice:

Look For A Responsive Theme
As m-commerce has become an inseparable element of e-commerce, it is essential to look for a theme that is responsive. In other words, it should enable the store visitors to conveniently browse and shop from the store using mobile devices.

Browser-Compatibility Is Essential
In addition to being responsive, a theme should be browser compatible too. A Magento 2 store developed with such a theme runs seamlessly across all browsers and is able to reach the maximum number of potential shoppers. On the other hand, a store which does not give a good UX across browsers tends to lose on customers.

Select A Theme That Is SEO-Friendly
Ideally, a theme should be user-friendly so that it can get the best results with SEO. The basic elements in this context include compelling content along with an aesthetic design that makes a store more visible over the internet. A perfect theme makes use of its CSS to get the design right as well as have the SEO-edge for the store.

Prefer One With A User-Friendly Interface
Another thing to look for while selecting a theme for your upgraded version of Magento store is that it should have a user-friendly interface. After all, the ease-of-use is the prime driving force behind keeping an online buyer engaged and getting a conversion for the store. The chosen theme should, therefore, be easy to navigate, with hassle-free browsing, order placement, and payment.

Choose A Theme That Has Social Media Elements
Since social media plays a vital role in internet marketing, the theme chosen for your online store should be enriched with social media elements. The theme should facilitate the inclusion of social media icons on the store so that the content is accessible and shareable across the main social media platforms.

Besides these basic considerations for choosing the Magento 2 themes, you should also keep in mind the industry-specific requirements. There are specific themes that have been created for catering to the needs of specific industries. For instance, Ves Fashion and Alesia make excellent choices for fashion e-commerce stores. These tailor-made Magento 2 themes have all the key features that are needed for smooth running of such websites.

Originally published at on April 11, 2017.