CNA Week 2 — Liberty University

Liberty University Cancels Classes After Win Over Baylor, Students Go Wild

This story was about Liberty University president Jerry Falwell cancelling Monday classes due to victorious football game against Baylor. Students gathered in football stadium at 2am to celebrate the victory. Campus-wide curfew didn’t stop students from late night celebrations.

Why I’m Not Returning My Liberty University Diploma

This story was about a Liberty alumni who grappled with the decision to return her Liberty diploma. She doesn’t agree with President Falwell’s decisions, but can’t deny the positive impact Liberty had on her education. She thinks other alumnists should express their opinions about President Falwell in a more peaceful and respectful manner.

Liberty University Is No Longer Moral

This story is about a Liberty alumni who firmly believes that owning a diploma from Liberty is detrimental to her career. In her letter to President Falwell she explained that while she doesn’t regret her time at Liberty, she can’t be associated with the “immoral” Republican position held by the school. She mailed her diploma back to the University and is hopeful for a day where she won’t have to be ashamed to be associated with the University.

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