#TechForNewbies: What does ‘tech stack’ mean?

If you are ever describing an application you are developing to another dev, you will likely be asked ‘what’s the stack?’

And, because you have read this article, you won’t panic.

If someone wants to know the tech stack, they want to know what you are using to build it. So, basically, the roster of all the tech. If coding languages, technical frameworks, and cloud platforms were football players, they would be asking you to tell them about the team — line-up and formation.

What is included in the tech stack? Everything technical. So, coding languages, any libraries or frameworks you are using, any particular add-ins, approaches, platforms, IAAS/PAAS/SAAS (more on those later), and so on.

If you were baking a cake, the tech stack could be:

A Nigella recipe, an 8" loaf tin, gluten free flour, eggs, milk, gas oven and an electric whisk.

If you were building a bookshelf, the tech stack would be:

IKEA BILLY white wooden pre-cut materials, electric screwdriver, allen key, and a divorce lawyer.

So, in tech world, the tech stack might be:

Python back-end, using the Flask framework, with Javascript on the front-end along with HTML and CSS, using Terraform to deploy on AWS.

Or it could be:

Java coding language, using Spring framework, the Spotify API, and Google Cloud Platform to host.

You don’t need to know what any of those technical things are to get the idea: tech stack = the tooling, approach and tech you’re using to build what you’re building. Essentially, the list of tools and tech you’re working with.

Photo by Ash: https://www.pexels.com/photo/pancake-with-sliced-strawberry-376464/



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