Hellen Ellean’s Mysterious Gem Of Emerald

by Wanke Li

Enthralled and inspired by Harry Potter, the 7-year-old Wanke decided to start her own story writing on computer. Chapter 1, her initial attempt, clearly shows her interest in fashion, magic, royal families and monarchy. I love this 2-minute bite size fantasy and all the details in the illustration. I hope you enjoy it as well. (Maggie)

Chapter 1 The Royals

Beautiful and happy but not very rich, Mr. and Mrs. Ellean has a precious and lovely little daughter. They named her Hellen. Hellen wears a little white coat made out of fur, and she laughs when her mother tickles her. Her mother wears a petticoat, cape, stockings, two coats that are gold, and three gowns that are silver. Her father wears a cape, two coats, a long golden chain that straps over his shoulder, and silver pants.

They have a chest full of mysterious gems. Their chest is so big that Hellen could fit in it! Their kingdom is called The Diamond Kingdom. There is a huge village in the kingdom.

When they woke up in Paris, France, the story started. They walked to the cafeteria and ate tunu tuna bread, dytiti vaqut milk, and choquet chocolate pretzels. Then, they sat in the royal carriage and went to the hospital. They’re going to get Hellen out.

When they got there, Mrs. Ellean said: “I am so afraid!”

“Don’t be afraid, Nanttelia. Just calm down! Besides, there is going to be a lot of people around us!”

Then THEY-ARE-GOING-TO-GET-HELLEN-OUT! Then the surgery began. Mrs. Ellean felt a knife cut through her stomach…

As they got back home, they rode in the carriage again. While they’re in the carriage, Mrs. Ellean held little Hellen and fed her a magical ball.

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