The Good Place — The Good Show

I know, I know. I’m late to the game. But in my defense, I’m a senior in college and I spend most my time running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to balance two jobs and five project-based classes.

But I had a day off last week, and I turned to Netflix in search of something light-hearted and cheerful to celebrate a quiet day. At the recommendation of my roommate, I turned on The Good Place.

Instantly I was captivated by the bright colors, the humor, and the oh-so-subtle sense that things weren’t quite right. I watched three episodes without even glancing at my phone.

Although the humor is occasionally cringe-y, it was like watching Parks and Rec for the first time, except this time the story was CAPTIVATING. Not only is The Good Place hilarious, the overall plot is well thought out, and just mysterious enough that you get it right before the main characters do.

It’s rare to find a comedy show that has genuinely good plots, and The Good Place takes it a step further by mastering the art of the cliff hanger. As the credits roll each episode, a new twist comes. It’s wonderfully frustrating and very, very conducive to binge watching.

In fact, I finished the first season in one day. The second one isn’t on Netflix yet, and I’m dreaming of the day it does.

The Good Place also exceeds with its characters. They are all complex, without exception. Even the personified Siri. And it’s a diverse cast. They’re all wonderful actors and actresses, even when playing over-the top characters.

I can’t recommend this show enough. Twenty minute episodes, easy to watch here or there, or just watch all at once like I did. Please give it a try. The world needs more humor, and this show brightened my little life.