Vintage Wedding Ideas

People love to dress up and where better than at a wedding. A vintage theme is helped with the bride and parent arriving in a luxury old limo.

But why end there? The vintage look can continue all the way through the day with guests being invited to arrive in vintage clothing and naturally, drink vintage wine.

There is an attraction for all things old and it’s a reminder of good days past. Just look at the glamour photos of Hollywood sirens from the fabulous forties and fifties.

The word dapper could have been invented for those truly elegant tap dancing favourites. It all makes today’s drab sameness of dress look very ordinary.

Vintage wedding dresses are not difficult to find thanks to the wonder of the internet shopping experience.

Strangely enough, men can hire modern wedding suits very easily today that look very unchanged from fifty years or more ago. The starched wing-collar shirt with bow tie and the cut of the tailed jacket has changed little over that time.

Everybody loves a good wedding. It should involve a long time of planning and yes, the bigger the better and the more expensive it will be.

But it should hopefully be a once in a lifetime experience. Nobody should ever enter into marriage with any doubts or nagging thoughts about how around a third will end in divorce.

Just twenty years ago that figure was more like a half. But young people don’t rush into marriage so quickly these days and frequently co-habitat for perhaps a couple of years and so get to know their prospective other half better.

But when the day comes, do the whole glorious process. Arrive at the church and reception in an antique car. Make sure all the guests are all dressed in the best finery, including vintage.

And if you have wealthy parents, then make sure all the vintage champagne comes from the year of your birth.

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