Bud Light is Using New Technology to Convince Me to Drink Its Beer

Photo from this article at Adweek.com http://goo.gl/Nbm64t

Bud Light is releasing cans with new labels for a music festival and it might actually convince me to drink the watered down beer! This Adweek article talks about how Bud Light is using ‘vertical-printing technology from HP’ that has never been used in the U.S. market.

The new cans are all about amplifying the consumers’ experience. Although, it may just be a way to help people forget that the beer they are drinking doesn’t taste good. But hey! it just might work!

If I were attending this music festival, I could be easily convinced to trade in my $8 craft beer for a $7 Bud Light solely for the Instagram-worthy can. And this may only be because I’m not a pop drinker, but I would choose a can with a pretty label over one with my name on it anyday!