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Playing EuroMillions online has been Europe’s most popular and widely-played lottery game since its launch, and it continues to attract the attention of players across the UK. Thanks to its substantial jackpots resulting from repeated rollovers

UKs’ Favorite Lottery At a Glance!

The UK is one of the original three founding nations of EuroMillions (along with France and Spain). It also enjoys the distinction of having won two of the top five biggest EuroMillions jackpots of all time.

Why Play EuroMillions Online?

Why waste time queuing for tickets when you can play EuroMillions online? Play securely from home or via mobile, get prompt result notifications via email and winnings automatically deposited to your account. Plus, you also get to take advantage of exclusive deals and special features only available to those playing EuroMillions online.

How to Play EuroMillions?

The EuroMillions lottery is easy to play; just pick 5 normal numbers from 1–50 and 2 Lucky Stars from 1 to 11. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the EuroMillions rules and regulations before you play and check our FAQ page if you have any further questions.

Odds of Winning EuroMillions Prizes

EuroMillions gives you a better chance of winning a prize than any other lottery in Europe with 13 different prize tiers. Match all five regular numbers and both Lucky Stars to hit the jackpot, at odds.

EuroMillions Jackpots

EuroMillions currently has a minimum jackpot of €15 million (approximately £11 million) and a maximum jackpot capped at €190 million (approx. £141 million). As jackpots are in euros previous jackpots have risen as high as £161, making EuroMillions by far the largest lottery prize in Europe. EuroMillions also has annual Superdraws several times a year, automatically boosting the jackpot to €100 million (approx. £74.3 million). To read more about these special jackpots, and for news on upcoming draws, see our EuroMillions Superdraw page!

Euro Lottery participating countries

Euro Millions is played in 13 countries and territories throughout Europe with the majority of players coming from the UK, France and Spain. Other participating countries include Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

With players from all over the continent taking part each week EuroMillions is, by far, the biggest and most popular international lottery in the world.