Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

Haaaapy Friday! I’m leaving work early and heading home for the weekend to run a 10K with my brothers and celebrate a belated Mother’s Day. I’ll have to buy gas and road coffee this afternoon, $30. I’m using dry ice for the first time to pack some homemade ice cream for my family to taste test. The woman I spoke to about it told me to make sure I crack a window in the car if we get headaches or our breathing is shallow/rapid (due to lower oxygen levels, I think), so I’m kind of nervous about it.

Tomorrow we’ve got plans for lots of eating, bike riding, and family time. I think my parents will treat us if we go out. I might do some shopping at BJs for house things with their membership card, $50ish. We will run the race Sunday morning and then head home. Another tank of gas, $25, and probably a grocery run in the evening, $50.

Total estimate: $155ish?

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