Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Happy weekend!

Tonight I’m going to watch an outside movie with some friends. Everyone’s pitching in and bringing drinks and food. I’m bringing a bunch of ice cream flavors which are all made and ready to go! Hoping they last in the cooler for a little while. Should be $0 unless I have to pay for parking, which might be $5ish.

Tomorrow I’m working all day, then have plans to eat at my favorite burger place with my friend after, $15 because I obviously want a milkshake. I also want to stop at Paper Source to get a father’s day card, $5.

Sunday I plan on going for a run before it gets too hot, hiking, picking up library books, doing some cooking for the week, life maintenance etc. Probably $20 if I buy groceries.

Total estimate: rounding up to $60

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