Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

I came in under estimate for once, hooray! I estimated $100 and spent $53.41.

Friday I spent $13.45 on a delicious and adorable draft tiki drink and a beer at my favorite bar. Two drinks made me just tipsy enough to justify buying Sweetgreen on my way home, $9.46, which I scarfed down at the bus stop (classy).

Saturday I had a lazy morning then made my way over to the baseball game. I saw all of the craziness that was happening with the climate march and felt a little guilty for not being there. The game was so fun, even though the Nats lost and it was 1,000 degrees. I spent $14 on a ticket, $10.50 on a beer, and $6 on a Shake Shack concrete.

I spent $0 yesterday — went for a run, a swim, and a bike ride, then ate some salty nutella ice cream (turned out so well!) and watched Catastrophe. I wanted another Sweetgreen salad but could not justify $20 on salads in one weekend, so instead I got creative with the remnants of my fridge. It’s kind of a game at this point to see how long I can last before grocery shopping again — who else does that?

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