Friday Estimate
Megan Reynolds

It’s pouring rain and chilly and I’m not in a super happy Friday mood today, y’all. Seems like I’m not the only one! Hope everyone gets some good rest and has some fun this weekend.

Hoping the rain lets up once I’m out of work — I’m itching to go for a hike or a run. No plans tonight other than making my most favorite salad ever and watching Married at First Sight (I’m not ashamed).

Working all day tomorrow at my side job. Whenever I get bummed about this, I think about how helpful it has been for my finances to have this extra income — it helped me pay off my car this week (a year early)!!! Super excited about that. No plans as of yet for the evening, but I do need to venmo my brother for my share of our mother’s day gift, $30.

Sunday I’m helping a friend pack for a move next week. We’re also going to visit a Greek festival at one of my favorite coworker’s church — I’m excited about eating spanikopita and maybe a gyro ($15). I’ll need to fill my gas tank, $25. Hope to get a swim and/or bike ride in, too. And make some peanut butter cup ice cream! I shared some new flavors I made last week (s’mores and salty nutella) with my friends and they loved it, which was exciting and makes me want to keep experimenting.

Total estimate: $70

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