Okay, Fine, Let’s Talk About Period Tracking: The Detailed Explainer

A vintage Tampax ad where a White woman smiles at the camera next to the phrase “Suddenly you make the decisions!”
The header of a Tampax ad from a February 1959 issue of Family Circle magazine. Scanned by clotho98 on Flickr, https://www.flickr.com/photos/clotho98/4254639801/in/photostream/.

Why should you listen to us?

Where do concerns about period trackers come from?

What do we know about why/how people use period tracking apps?

What information do period tracking apps save?

How would law enforcement get access to period tracker data and what might it look like to see it actually get used in an investigation?

Diagram distinguishing between the data stored locally on your phone, which the police can access through your phone, and the data stored remotely, which the police can access through third parties.

How could a defense attorney rebut period tracking evidence if offered against a defendant?





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