How to Remove Redirect Virus Thoroughly?

What Is is a browser redirect virus created to help boost website traffic, mostly by modifying users’ browser settings to interfere with their online activity. This redirect virus usually utilizes its seemingly legitimate interface to make users believe that it is a useful website providing the search service just like what Google, Bing or Yahoo do. It is widely distributed through many channels like junk emails, attachments, suspicious links, p2p programs, malicious websites and so on. Generally, this redirect virus sneaks into users’ computers through fake update software, sharing files, malicious websites, and questionable links. Once infected, it can automatically get installed on your computer without consent and even spread additional parasites on your PC to make your system chaos. It can appear on the startup of the affected browsers and install extensions, add-ons and links on your PC without consent, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Once installed successfully on the computer, is able to change your system and browser settings and delete important files at random. The first problem you realize when you are using the infected computer should be on the browsers because browser hijacker, from its name, is such case as happen to computer browsers. To be more specific, the redirect virus will alter the browser settings without any permission, causing the changes of the default homepage, start page and search provider. The search results provided by the browser hijacker are always unwanted or unrelated contents concerning the search queries. Instead, your screen will be flooded with all kinds of pop-ups, ads, coupons and fake alerts from every few seconds.

It is no doubt that should be removed timely, so as to fix and avoid the unwanted problems. If this redirect virus is not removed timely, many unsafe add-ons would be installed onto the browsers, attempting to track users’ online activities. However alike it looks like an actual looking search engine we all should keep it in mind that this redirect only supports risky activities and we shouldn’t be fooled by what it lists. There will also be many misleading advertisements when the PC users tend to go to some site and are redirected to another one in spite of the replacement of the homepage. What’s worse, the redirect virus would bring other types of malware which are able to open a backdoor secretly. It’s also highly recommended to keep a reliable and powerful PC care program installed and up to the date in order to secure a good protection of the computer.

How to Manually Remove Redirect Virus Step by Step?

1. Stop running processes related to this redirect virus
a: When the Windows Task manager appears, switch to Processes tab. 
b: Find out and select the processes related to the virus by name random.exe, and click on the “End process” button. 
2. Remove the redirect virus from Internet Explorer:
a: Start IE, go to Tools and select Internet Options.
b: Find General section, remove the unwanted address as a home page.
c: Then go to Search section, find Settings button and choose Manage Add-ons
d: Erase the redirect and after the action, close Manage Add-ons
3. Remove the redirect virus from Mozilla Firefox:
a: Open Mozilla Firefox browser, click on tools and go to Options.
b: Switch to General tab, remove the unwanted address as a startup site.
c: Then, go to: Firefox -> Add-ons -> Add-ons Manager -> Remove.
d: In the Search list, select Manage Search Engines and erase this redirect and choose OK
4. Remove the redirect virus from Google Chrome:
a: Open Google Chrome and navigate to Settings tab and Set pages.
b: ErasePassinst.comX which was seta as the startup site and choose OK
c: Find Manage search engines and here, erase this redirect virus.
d: Press on OK, and restart Google Chrome.


Deemed as a browser hijacker infection among computers, virus is spread using various distribution techniques. The redirect virus, if not removed in time, will not only make the infected computers malfunction, but also violate user’s personal privacy. The majority of the users will choose to run their antivirus program to remove this redirect virus. It can start as your default homepage automatically whenever you open the browser. You are recommended to get a powerful antispyware which specialize in redirect removal to help you get all problems solved.

Manual removal is a perfect method to remove redirect virus but it is quit dangerous to great amount of people who are not skilled enough with kernel computer files. If you are a computer novice and have no experience to edit registry entries and system files, it is highly suggested to download a powerful and professional removal tool on your PC to help you detect and remove Redirect virus automatically and safely within minutes.