Closing The Gender [Confidence] Gap
Shelley Bird

Dear 9-Year Old Maggie,

You’re going to start to be called an over achiever and teacher’s pet because one of your core strengths is achieving; others will later be incredibly influenced by this even though it might make you feel insecure today.

You’re going to be chastised for your sense of imagination at school, home and on the playground and also for directing the neighborhood kids in productions, starting a paid membership gym in the basement of your friend’s house, and raising money in the front yard by selling not-yet-sprouted trees. Later in your life, however, your sense of imagination will be one of your greatest assets leading the creative direction and marketing initiatives for Fortune 100 companies across the country.

You’re strong, you’re smart, you’re good at math, you’re a great dancer, friend, daughter, and sister. Grow from your mistakes and be happy you experienced them, they’re an integral part of life.

You’re here to change the world, Maggie, never let anything or anyone get in your way.