The Future of the Media

My best friend repeatedly deletes and re-dowloads social media platforms.

“I hate the control it has over me,” she’ll say, removing the app’s icon from her iPhone only to be scrolling through it again 24 hours later.

But can you really take control of the media?

I don’t think so.

Whether it be broadcasting, social or digital marketing — it’s going to be a part of your world, so you might as well embrace it.

I say, use it as a tool.

If you’re not using new media as a medium for whatever you want to do, say, share or sell then you’re ultimately a nobody (sorry to say).

Here’s how I think the future of media will continue to shape us.

1. For News: “Says who” will become less and less important.

There was a day when everything and anything had to be attributed to a source in order to be considered ‘real’. But with so much information available to us, is anyone checking anymore if “that’s what he said.”? If journalists are already quoting Twitter as a reputable source, I can only imagine what the little blue bird will evolve into. I imagine ‘Fake news’ will becoming a term of the past and slogans like “take it with a grain of salt” will apply to any news you consume.

2. For Marketing: Brands will become the influencers.

Once upon a time in the land of the 90s, the only people I wanted to see in the media was the Spice Girls. They were my biggest influencers. But today it seems like brands are more powerful than entertainers and public figures combined. I think content marketing will dominate, and our new favourite TV shows, movies and events will be powered (maybe without us knowing) by brands. I imagine brands will still offer their products and services, but with more additional content on top of it too.

3. For Video: It will be ALL about video ALL the time.

Reading — what’s that? Why waste time scanning through a whole page when you can consume the same thing in a quick and easy two minute video? I imagine this mindset only growing bigger in the future. We already communicate through video on social media, so why not incorporate it into more aspects of our lives? Imagine: telemarketers become video-marketers, which will make hanging up on someone a lot harder.

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