This Election Must Be About Bringing Our People Together
Bernie Sanders

Dear Senator Sanders,

Up until this moment I have willingly done anything and everything you asked. You asked for money so for the first time ever I donated money to a political campaign. You asked for volunteers so I carried signs, created posters, phone banked until I was horse and couldn’t talk anymore and endlessly told family and friends about why you and only you could fill the presidency at this moment in time. That ends today. You said we were in this until the convention, a promise you didn’t keep! You said, “Come to Philadelphia!”, I did, only to hear you say things about HRC I don’t believe to be true. Virtually every point in your speech supporting that Goldwater Republican is false, I won’t burden everyone listing them. You allowed them to walk all over you, steal votes, suppress others, never responding to anything the DNC has done to thwart our campaign. Then Wikileaks revealed proof positive what we knew all along anyway. AGAIN, no response from you. Well maybe not no response from you instead you join in this coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton! I couldn’t believe my ears! Senator Sanders there is absolutely nothing that you could say or do that would make me vote for her. And I believe that it’s going to backfire on you and that you’re going to be known as the man the only man that could have beat Trump with ushering him into the presidency! You see Senator Sanders fracking has destroyed my life, ruined my organic farming business and laid to waste virtually everything I’ve worked my entire adult life to create. I’ve been on a 10-year long campaign to try and open people’s eyes to the devastation unconventional drilling is doing to the environment, not just in my life but the lives of the future inhabitants of this planet, including my grandchildren and yours! We had to flee the farm, gas refugees, to avoid the health impacts of fracking. Do you really think I could just abandon all of this and vote for her because you say we must come together? Really? I don’t abandon my convictions! Nor do I understand how you abandon yours. How could you possibly work to create everything that we’ve done in the last year and just walk away from all of it and think we would go along with handing it to her? I had to take down the picture of us together at the Harrisburg Progressive Democrats conference when I got you that cup of coffee because I cannot support abandoning convictions. How could this possibly be culmination of the last year or of your political career? Everything you’ve worked your entire life for, especially the last year you hand to Hillary Rodham Clinton? Why? I’m sorry I cannot go along with that insanity! So you see Senator Sanders you leave not just me, but everyone like me, who believed in what you said no choice but to look for another candidate and Dr Jill Stein is the only other voice on the horizon that speaks to my values. In reality I need you to understand that I have not stopped sobbing since that devastating speech! Please feel the obligation to inform those of us who worked so hard for you how you could let them treat you, no us, like this without even addressing all the injustices of the last year!?!