Let us Make It “Great Again”..

Okay, so you want to “make America great again” right?

When you say that, what do you mean by great? You want the hispanics out because they are taking all the jobs that all you unemployed people will not work? You want all the muslims to go so your Christian God can safely protect you from all the bombs that ‘every single muslim has been waiting to throw at you’? I mean that is why you want them out right?… So white privilege can stay and the man can continue to tell us what to do? So the police can brutally push around minorities with abuse and death? Think about how corrupt all this sounds.. Maybe if we start treating others equally, the stereotypes will disappear. But since the alpha is the white male, they want to keep their sexist and/or racist views because they are terrified of their power going to shit.

Let me remind you guys something… No one is 100% American; only 100% an American citizen. America is known as the melting pot. Go ahead and look into your ancestry… what is it? Your family or ancestors are not from America. If they are from America than you are most likely Native American, Spanish, or maybe even Cuban. I mean those were the main nationalities that were here before America could call themselves the land of the free, or you know.. America. And guess what, America was made for people to escape a Puritan lifestyle. To come to a country where religion and state ARE separate. This is to be discussed later.. but America is nothing but a mess of every nationality. Just because your skin is white, does not give you the right to deny an ‘immigrant’ (or as I like to call them people/a person)a chance to live a life freely. So sure, you can open your white mouth and blame all the ‘immigrants’ for all of America’s problems; or you can shut-up unless you are trying to HELP with America’s problems. And do not make the excuse that you hate any individual of color because they are taking your land; think about how you got your land. If it were not for us ‘Americans’ coming in and starting a blood bath from Native Americans and innocent lives, than you would not have this land to call your own.

When you hear the word religion, what comes to your mind first? God, God’s, morality, church, or the bible you believe in?.. When I hear the word religion I think of war and corruption. Why you ask? Because the religion you may believe in, sadly, is not the only religion in todays world. People are so set in the mindset that their God is the only God. Well, having so many God’s or views on higher powers can cause a lot of conflict. First, people start fighting over whose God is the right God. Second, most government leaders pressure citizens to believe only one way is the right way. Hell, back in the 1600s and 1700s people fled over to America so they were not being forced to believe in one idea or God. Like I said earlier, the constitution was written to keep religion and state SEPARATE. They did not want a single religion to take over how the country runs. America was made for those who want to be free, so yes, you can have your own opinions or beliefs. But DO NOT get your opinions or beliefs confused with the facts. I have noticed a lot of people get those confused. This country started from people running here to escape war and religion. There are countless countries fighting till this day over religion. So when you see a young ‘muslim’ trying to get citizenship, or a Syrian refugee looking for a safe place to live, keep in mind that they are trying to escape and run away from war or corruption to a safe place to live. And it is you, the cold hearted, close minded, ignorant, racist, and sexist American who is just adding onto the stereotypes. This is making it uncomfortable for other HUMANS to live. You want to kick immigrants out? Go ahead and join them, walk yourself onto a plank and right into the ocean. We do not need your negative mindset.

Racism… I do not even know where to begin, because anyone with brain cells should know not to judge a character based on the color of their skin. Is this really an issue still? Can some people really not respect a person because of their skin color? Are people still upset that a black male or female can be just as or even more successful as the white male. If race still is an issue to you, then you are probably just the offspring of the sick person who dragged innocent lives on a boat to America for free labor and slavery. That is fucking sick. Now you are scared that people with darker pigmented skin are going to take your jobs and mind their own business? When meeting someone you should only judge them by the contents in their head, not the color of their skin. Humans were born with the same skeleton and the same organs. Your excuse to not like someone or treat them differently should not be because they are tan, pink, black, yellow, white, or purple. In the end, we are all breathing the same air. Get over the race issue! We are all humans and the only race should be addressed is the human race. We have much bigger things to worry about.

So yeah, skin color does not define who we are; and gender should not be an issue either! Gender should not show what abilities he or she is capable of… or it should not determine what he or she may like. If he wants to wear a pink dress and it makes him happy, then LET HIM! If that makes you uncomfortable, well sadly no one asked for your opinion and you are not being forced to look or stick around. And if she wants to play football or work with hard labor, do not let her boobs tell you she cannot handle it. You do not know what abilities she has until you give her a chance! Also, gay marriage.. It is like the court is forcing you to marry the same sex right? WRONG! If you do not like gay marriage then do not simply marry the same sex. Learn to worry about yourself and stop trying to take the rights away from other people. Just because your religion taught you the traditional man and woman relationship, does not mean it is right. Have you noticed people are letting you keep your beliefs as long you stay out of theirs?… A lot of people these days are atheist or agnostic. That does not make them a bad person. In my opinion, it makes them smart. People just want love, they want to feel like they can love someone without being judged. If you do not like seeing gay marriage or gay couples then leave. If you do not wish to leave, then swallow your ignorant pride and move on. Do not even get me started with transgendered bathrooms… anyone with an educated mind should know that you have been sharing restrooms with transgendered people since there were public restrooms! SHOCKER! Oh look… you are still alive and have not been raped by the person in the stall next to you.

Want to make America great again? Well start off by learning to be more accepting. Be more open minded. Accepting another lifestyle is not going to force you to be the same. It will just show that you are a functional and normal human being. Gender, ethnicity, race, religion, or personality should not be judged. Where are you getting to if you try to stop the rights for others when only favoring yours — Making America worse. The one thing that is corrupt is how others treat others. To make America great again, we need to follow what we came here for…Freedom! And that is freedom for all, not just freedom for one person. If you want a country that is based on the bible then you can move to the countries that people are running from. Let us work on stopping war, judgment, hate, abuse, hunger, and racism. Maybe in an ideal world, people will mind their own business and get over how other people chose to live THEIR lives. Hopefully, you can help make America great again.