Colourpop Racist Names of Sculpting Stix

ColourPop Cosmetics… So disappointing to see such transparent racism in the names of the contouring sticks line — This is not rocket science. The renaming/relaunch missed the mark too. You’re still positing white chicks in the Actual Illuminati in a Castle In Venice eating nothing but white gummy bears this is just gross.
This 5% coupon isn’t going to entice me to support your company when you’re waging psychological warfare on black women. I am shopping for orange lippy elsewhere. 
On Point
Got Me Blushing
Not Complicated guys — why are the names of your light-coloured contour sticks complimentary? Why can’t the names of the dark-coloured contour sticks be complimentary? Can you not give the dark-coloured highlighters names you wouldn’t mind being associated with Your daughters? K THANKS.

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