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A Plutonian Guide to What Real Love Means

I love the mystery of life. My life is nothing like I thought it would be when I was a child and it is definitely not how I thought it was going to be 7 years ago.

When I was a child I was sure that I was going to sing country music songs and become a nurse (like my aunt, who conveniently bought me Barbie doll’s with nurse uniforms and stethoscopes). Now, I hate the sight of shots and will only listen to vintage Dolly Parton and occasionally Loretta Lynn (only if Jack White is in the collaboration) and let’s be real — I can only sing when I am alone in my car or drunk and it’s karaoke. We change. Life changes. Change is inevitable whether or not we want it to be.

Ever since Saturn decided to go through my 7th house in Scorpio and oppose my Mars sh*t got real. I know most people wont know what the hell I am talking about and that is ok. I left my yoga community, saw my guru for who he was and found myself groundless. This time in my life has been likened to The Tower. The Tower is the tarot card where debris starts flying, people are yelling, and the old structure is burning down. It is an intense ordeal and it has pressed me to the edges. And it signifies change, deep change at a systemic level.

Almost a month ago, Pluto made his bulbous yellow head known to the world via NASA imaging. This signified a huge change — a shift in what was previously unseen to a new image that appeared throughout the web.

Scorpio, ruled by the planet Pluto, is all about what is unseen, unconscious, and hidden. It is the part of the human psyche that dives deep and it can get murky down there. In my own life, Plutonian influences have brought up intense situations and cavernous connections. It has compelled me to dedicate myself to a spiritual practice that inspires transformation and encourages compassion.

In other words, Scorpio is about getting clear or being stung. It bears both the image of the sardonic scorpion and the crystalline vision of the eagle.

You can recognize most Plutonian people by the little sting they leave behind in the most mundane of conversations or encounters. Scorpio brings transformation, a very Plutonian phenomenon. The light side of interacting with Scorpio is that it has compelled me to find a bigger vision for myself and for the world than I could have ever dreamed of.

Transformation is at the root of all things in life that I hold most dear. When we enter a transformative cycle in our lives (whether it is something we have been plotting along planning for or has completely taken us by the umbilicus) we know that we are on a path of no return. Who we thought we were dies to make way for who we are becoming.

And since, death — another very Plutonian theme, collectively frightens most of us it can compel us to run for the hills. How many of us are prepared to shed the layers completely and step into something more true to our natural (and a perhaps unrecognizable) state of being? That sh*t gives every ego an identity crisis.

Pluto begs us to go through this ring of fire or risk never knowing ourselves. Pluto is like the bald headed skeleton in Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s classic version of The Skelton Woman in Women Who Run With the Wolves. Skeleton Woman appears when we must face our own regeneration. In the story, Skeleton Woman is tossed over into the sea by her own father and is found by a fisherman. He catches her when his hook sinks itself into her frame. His journey into his own heart begins when he stops running from her — he is then asked to untangle her, to not fear her wisdom and to let her embrace him.

I read this story whenever I am faced with an inevitable ending and am in a place where I fear there won’t be a rising out of grief. It reminds me of the cyclical nature of life. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s names this the life-death-life cycle.

No matter how far we run from our truth, or soul — the bobble and bone clacking sounds of our past failures to engage life remind us that while we may think that we can wait eternity before we do our work, the truth of the matter is that we must step into our lives fully as they are, right now.

And somewhere in all of this we learn about real love. In this case, real love is our willingness to witness life arising. It is the electric pulse of opposites and complexity that can break down reality, as we know it. Where consciousness is concerned, we are not separate entities navigating on our own in a meaningless universe. We are one thread of intelligence learning what it means to see itself.

We are all shining light on the shadow in this world in order to witness transformation. If we find ourselves navigating our unconscious or the collective unconscious, we shouldn’t be too surprised if Pluto is lurking around the corner — ready to seize what we thought we knew so that we can become who we were meant to be.

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