It all started with a Finnish blueberry pie I wanted to bake. Three weeks in home office have lead to that, and looking at the store shelves in K-Citymarket, many people have had the same idea. What you need for Mustikkapiirakka: flour (jauho), baking powder (leivinjauhe), eggs, butter, blueberries and potato starch (perunajauho) if you’ll use frozen berries. I made a list carefully and headed to store full of confidence. Turns out, almost every item on the list was hard to spot. Perunajauho was well hidden among all types of jauho. Leivinjauhe was hiding on a different shelf than most o baking stuff. I never buy butter so no idea where to look for that either, near cheese maybe? …


Maggie Mishinova

Finland-based UX designer, passionate about humans, errors, technology, data visualization and entrepreneurship. Also loves Finland a lot.

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