Good night — Sweet Dreams

We’ve all had nights where we lay restlessly on our pillow staring at the ceiling trying to will sleep to come. I know I have had many nights like this. No matter how exhausted we may be, we lie wide awake. Days without rest result in more stress, fatigue, lack of focus and can be damaging to our overall health.

Snuggling into the sheets and wrapping up in soft blankets as the day melts away can be exactly what. Before you toss and turn, try letting what I like to call my ‘Sleep Well’s’ gentle aroma soothe you to sleep. A pleasantly cosy blend of essential oils that promotes calm and rest. ‘Sleep Well’ possesses layers of individual oils, each with unique soothing properties that help you sink deeply into the pillow.

‘Sleep Well’ is an even blend (equal parts) of Lavender, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Peru Balsam, Sandalwood and Sweet Marjoram. I make up a blend of 20 drops of each into a dark coloured dropper bottle, so it keeps fresh for about three months.

You can use this blend in a diffuser (10 drops into a diffuser with water) in your bedroom for 20 minutes or so before going to bed. You can also place a few drops of the blend on a tissue or cotton ball and tuck it into the pillowcase.

Oil diffuser with the added bonus of being a salt lamp

Do essential oils give you weird dreams?

It is quite common to hear: “Essential oils gave me weird dreams, vivid dreams, lucid dreams, etc.” The first time I heard this, I thought it was simply a coincidence. When I continued to hear the same thing, I decided to check it out for myself. Because I am a notoriously poor sleeper, I have been using this blend for some time, so didn’t remember what my dreams would be like without it. My aromatherapy training had cultivated in me a desire to learn by experience

I made up my ‘Sleep Well Blend’ ready for the experiment which was to use it on my pillow as per every other night, the first night. The second night I would not use anything.

The first night was what I would consider to be a normal sleep (dreams I remembered, running round in my head like movies), but, then after the second night, I couldn’t remember my dreams in any detail, just vague ideas of bits of them, which gave me the distinct feeling that I hadn’t slept well at all.

I started to search for information that sought to explain this phenomena. I found the following studies. ( in which volunteers were subjected to the aroma of roses then rotten eggs, it was proven that outward stimuli such as scents can affect dreams. In this study, the volunteers testified to having pleasant dreams when subjected to the aroma of roses, and nightmarish dreams when subjected to the scent of rotten eggs. Aside from this finding, another study, (’ shows that essential oils can improve the quality of sleep.

There is no telling what results people will have when inhaling Essential Oils while they sleep, as everyone is unique. In my opinion, my Sleep Well blend enhanced my sleep experience, and I will definitely use it again in the future.

What’s your experience with inhaling Essential Oil at night? Let me know!

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