The Perfect Essential Oil Blend To Help You Deal With Anxiety

With anxiety being a common human condition in this time of change and uncertainty, it is natural to seek out ways of coping more effectively. If you are like me, you are more likely to first try a natural or herbal alternative to see if that makes a difference.

When I am feeling stressed and anxious I always turn to my trusty essential oils for comfort, and would now like to share my go to recipe with you all.

A blend of Bergamot, Lemon and Lavender (equal parts of each), in an oil burner, or simply a few drops of each on a tissue tucked up your sleeve, will help to de-stress you and your loved ones when you are feeling anxious. Simply inhale the aromas whenever you feel the need, and the blend of the three oils will work in harmony to assist in decreasing blood pressure, increasing serotonin production, and overall making you feel much calmer.

You can also pop the tissue under your pillow, for a more restful sleep.

Please note:

If you are concerned that anxiety is affecting your daily life, please seek a professional medical opinion.