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Newspapers today are fading away and it has left journalists wondering what will be of the printing world. But, online journalism is booming as technology has improved the way we receive information. Marshall McLuhan, would be proud that his “medium is the message” is more than prevalent in today’s world.


Situation: Newspaper publishing companies are struggling to find subscribers to help their printing survive. The big publishers like The Washington Post, NY Times, and Wall Street Journal have moved into digital subscriptions allowing readers to have their information faster. The world has become a faster-paced environment and social media has shared information faster than newspapers have. In order for online publishing to work and beat out social media, journalists have to speak to the heart of people online and not to robots. The competition for local newspapers has become time, attention, and dollars. People just don’t want to pay for the product.

[ Interview recorded with Doc Durheim- MN newspaper]

Today there are less and less people that will read anything over 200 words. Newspaper publishing companies have had to face the challenges of doing more with less. There’s no going back to the “good ol days” and in order to survive they will have to say “yes” to the future and exploring new opportunities.

[written interview with Aleen R.]

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