You can benefit from adversity by making sense of it and drawing constructive lessons from it.
How To Grow From Unhappiness
Maarten van Doorn

Before a stroke nearly three months ago, compassion, gratitude and empathy ruled my life. I can happily and truly say that.

Friends and family (and others my life has touched and who have touched my life) I hope would say that, too.

Other shocks in my life have helped me move along, though none so clearly physical as this one.

Seeking to make sense. of what changed my life completely – – and shook the lives of my beautiful old rescue dog companions – — and shifted the lives of human beloveds gladly in my corner, supporting my efforts to continue living on my own, I was struck by how many patterns of thinking and how many habits of living need to evolve.


Maarten, thank you so much for this post, which inspires me.