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I have been working as a frontend developer for three years and a half. Mine is the usual story of the teenager who teaches herself how to code, loves it, and makes it her mission in life. Usual stuff.

I’ve started working as a professional developer three years and a half ago, in London, and then I moved back to my home country, Italy, just about a year ago.

I’ve always been interested in learning new things and discovering about new worlds and opportunities. I like knowing stuff and trying to expand my universe.

About a year ago, I’ve started…

In 2018, you can’t be a good developer without using some kind of version control. And this is a fact.
Git is the most famous and used version control system that developers prefer to use, together with remote repositories like Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab.

I’ve been a Frontend dev for 4+ years now, always using Git and one of the three hosting systems above, and when I started developing themes for WordPress it came just natural to commit and push my code.

Something that I found annoying, though, was that I was still uploading my theme manually, or transferring it…

Having a 9–6 job isn’t an easy task. Especially when you don’t live in the city and have to commute a lot. You wake up, get ready, get in the car, go to work, go back home, eat dinner, go to sleep, repeat. You end up in the weekends having a thousand things to do, and no time to do anything.

That’s why when you get a small amount of time to start learning again and manage to create something that’s not related at all to work, it’s such a big satisfaction.

When I was young I wanted to be…

Chris Hadfield, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

It’s the story of Colonel Chris Hadfield, a retired Canadian astronaut, who was part of two Space Shuttle missions and Commander of expedition 35 on the ISS.

Hadfield tells the story of how he became an astronaut, how he’d always knew he wanted to be one, explaining all the training, the challenges and the love he encountered in his journey.

It’s a story of knowledge, preparation and hard work. He’s very well determined to become an astronaut and does everything in his power to get to the goal. …

CSS Grid is a new system, not yet officially supported by all browsers, that allows to divide the page into regions and to define their relationships in terms of size, position, and layer. (Source: MDN)

The module presented to the W3C defines a two-dimensional grid-based layout system, optimized for user interface design. The children can be positioned into arbitrary slots in a predefined flexible or fixed-size layout grid. (Source: W3C)

In this example I’m going to show how I’ve set up the CSS Grid to recreate the layout of a Medium post (see what I’m doing here?😅), …

Image from Pixabay

Today I’ve had a bit of fun with CSS creating a little rainbow using only CSS, and placing it in a single div.

Tonight, I spotted the ISS in the Italian sky. First at 21:58 and then at 23:36
I tried to take some pictures, but I still need some practice. It’s not that hard here in Italy, because I have a rooftop that gives me visibility of almost all the sky. It’s gonna be harder once I’ll be back in London, but I will try to take some nice pictures.

International Space Station h. 21:58 Italy

You realise that maybe you’re using your computer too much when you write something on paper and then press Cmd+S to save it

Maggie Serino

Web developer, space nerd and bookworm.

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