Wayne: The God of Feline Rock N Roll

Wayne with my ukulele

Wayne is a fantastic cat who likes (or doesn't physically object to) when I practice my ukulele with him still in the room. Often, he will just be chillin’ on my bed and I’ll throw on some Led Zeppelin on loud and he’ll just sit where he is and continue purring. Sometimes I even catch a glimpse of Wayne trying to touch my ukulele’s strings, perhaps trying to play a tune, but I can’t be certain. I have decided that the only logical explanation for these behaviours is that Wayne likes Rock N Roll.

Yes, the ukulele is not considered a “classic” instrument used in rock music today, but it is the only instrument that I own which he has access to on a daily basis, as it rests against my bedside table just waiting for feline fingers to graze its fretboard. Wayne also likes to stay up late (rock stars always party into the late hours of the night) and eat whatever he can find left out on the island in the kitchen (cherry tomatoes, a loaf of bread)… Like a rock star travelling on the road, Wayne knows there is limited access to “gourmet” meals and will take what he can get when he can get it. He likes being messy and doesn't care about having mats in his fur. I believe he has what it takes to be a Kitty Rock Legend.

As of yet, I have been unsuccessful in recoding any song lyrics he has written. In the past, I would take down his lyrics for him when they came to his mind (due to his lack of opposable thumbs and general unwillingness to do anything strenuous), but still his songs all sound the same, the lyrics only stretching from a confused meow to a loud, demanding whine. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get anything out of him before he has had his evening meal. All I can hope for is a sudden burst of energy on his part to pick up his slack, but there is, as of yet, no indication that this will be any time soon.

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