Uncertainty Vs Not Knowing

Contemplating the difference between Uncertainty versus Not Knowing. I’m takling about the attitude of people rather than situations in general.

Being uncertain makes someone unattractive. Why is that? Probably the lack confidence and the doubt that it implies. There’s a sense of unreliability and hesitation. Can I trust someone who is in an uncertain state? Hardly. What is the solution when you’re feeling uncertain? I guess it’s about harnessing the doubt, scepticism, and to put trust in yourself and others. Have authority and be okay with not knowing.

So then what is Not Knowing? Dalai Lama was once asked something in which he paused for thought as the rest of the people expected a brilliant and profound insight, to which he answered ‘I don’t know.’ Think about that for a sec.. why is something so simple yet so shocking? How could Dalai Lama not know something?

In our generation, everyone is always so eager to know everything, to prove themselves, to be better than others. Which leads to fear of not knowing and feeling embarrassed when we know less. But Not Knowing is just that, not knowing, there’s nothing inherently good or bad with that. We are all unique, understand the world differently, have our own set of encounters,that we translate our knowing of the world differently than anyone else in the world. This perk for being unique means that it actually makes more sense that we don’t know everything and we don’t have to.

Not knowing is exciting. Let others teach us about their view of world and give us perspective. In return you can offer the same. It’s about connecting and forming a bigger picture, embracing and respecting our individualities, rather than drown in a race in who knows more, who’s better, who’s winning and more successful?