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Will the Real Me Please Stand Up?!

Like many people pleasers out there I grew up going with the flow while owning and managing the responses of the other people in my life. Doing the “right thing” (by the standards of those involved) shaped my decisions as well as my view of the situation and myself. Many of us (especially women)are trained to please, and to some degree most of us conform to the expectations of others.

There were consistently positive reinforcements that encouraged me to continue on this path long after my child hood sealed it into my relational boundary. …

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A Truth About Love…

Are you not satisfied with the love and affection you are getting from others? Do you long to be cherished and paid attention to in a way that is not currently happening in your life?

We typically assume that receiving love and affection is dependent on other people giving it to us, which can make is feel powerless when we are lacking these frequencies in our life. We go searching outside of ourselves for love, acceptance and validation. However, if these things are lacking within, they don’t stand a chance in the external landscape of relationships.

Depending on our attachment style, when we do get a glimmer of the affection or love that we desire, we can cling to the source or push it away. …

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Ascended Relationships

You can’t alway get what you want!… Or can you?!

Is it ok to want what you want and need what you need… and to depend on others to meet those needs? Contemplate your answer to this question before you read on. Seriously, answer the question! It will be easier to see where you currently stand if you answer it before you read on.

There is a spiritual teaching out there that says we should become independent and provide for ourselves the things that we wish other people were giving us. Outer experiences are a reflection of the inner landscape, so the amount self love, self worth etc… that your are able to attract does begin with-in. …

An experiment I did with my children inspired me to write this blog…

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Here is the back story…
My son kept asking me why I believe in angels, when from his perspective there is clearly no proof that they exist. He was having a hard time in general and was suffering from some deep emotions that were becoming borderline depression. Several times during those months the books he would bring me to read at bedtime were the books we had about angels and spirit guides. He was asking questions about how people are born, where we came from and why we are here. …

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Rose Colored Glasses…

What is your take on looking at life through rose colored glasses?!

To wear or not to wear?!

Do they set you up for disappointment or do they help create a rose colored life?! If you are looking for and focusing on the best in situations and in people, are you turning your cheek to the not so great aspects that may come back to bite you in the ass?! Are you living in la la land?

The potential issue with looking at the bright side is that there is a fine line between being optimistic and being in denial. …

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How dependent are you on external validation?

I have had several clients recently that are in the lesson of letting go of their dependence on external validation. This can be an unpleasant place to be, because the way it shows up is by consistently being de-validated with criticism, or a lack of acknowledgement and approval. This is tough on the self esteem and becomes an obstacle in the way of getting what you want because you are waiting for something outside of yourself to confirm your worthiness.

But I need to be liked!!

It is literally programmed into our DNA to fit in and be approved of by others. Back in the day when we were Settlers, Native Americans etc… being valuable and fitting in was crucial to one’s survival. If your tribe did not like you, or you were not measuring up to the expectation of the elders, life was likely quite hard or you were banished and left alone to perish. Throughout history, women especially have had to adapt and be at the mercy of the demands of their husbands, because in many cultures and times a woman’s quality of life and survival depended on this partnership. These ancestoral experiences are in our DNA and are magnifying our current day attachments and fears. That can be pretty discouraging to think about and is a great reason to partake in energy healing modalities and past life regressions. There is a huge benefit in updating to present time and allowing your conscious choices to win out over your subconscious patterns. …


Maggie Wilson Carraher

A mother, a healer, a lover of life and an advocate for children and animals. I believe that the first step towards changing the world is changing perspective.

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