Game Of Thrones Trailer Thoughts

HBO finally released a trailer for the upcoming season of Game Of Thrones and as expected, it was intense. A lot was thrown at us in about 90 seconds and should have everyone even more anxious for the first episode.

Here are some of my thoughts (mostly non-important)on the trailer (based off what I’ve seen, thought, and read):

The unsullied and the Dothraki are going to get a lot of screentime while fighting this season. This here is a screenshot from part of the screentime. But, as it was pointed out by a commenter on a video I watched, look at the guy on the far right. Just look at his face in that helmet. Can he even see? Did they even try to find a helmet that fit the poor guy? It looks like Dany’s army kills a lot of Lannister soldiers, but I’m willing to be the guy on the right dies because he can even see out of his damn helmet.

So Cersei changed up the look of the armor on the Kingsguards (Queensguards) and it led to The Mountain getting an unfortunate new look. I mean seriously, look at that helmet and tell me it isn’t the tip of a penis? The Mountain now looks like a giant penis. Hopefully he gets murdered by his brother this season because I don’t want to look at a dick for the final two seasons.

This is Jon Snow choking Littlefinger. This is now my favorite scene of the show and I haven’t even seen the scene yet. Let’s end Littlefinger this season. I’ve had enough of his crap.

There is some debate over who owns this arm but I feel it should be pretty obvious….Jorah Mormont. We last saw him taking advice from Dany to go and get himself healed for the greyscale he had on his LEFT FOREARM. This is a LEFT FOREARM (and hand). This is no doubt Jorah going through what seems to be some painful healing.

Someone pointed this out on a video and I’ll be totally honest I didn’t see it right away. But if you look at this circle of men, look at who would be at 3 o’clock if this circle was a clock. Tht is a warhammer in his hand. Guess who was seen shooting scenes this past winter and had a father that used a warhammer. Yeah, that’s who.

The Dragons are friggen huge. That is all.

What was missing?

In my mind, two major characters were missing from the trailer: Bran and Samwell Tarly. I feel like they are going to be huge this upcoming season and I’m honestly stunned they were not in the trailer. Hopefully we’ll get some glimpses of them if there is a second trailer released.