If falling for an email phishing scam is on your list of
 embarrassments as a tech user, you can now feel a little
 better, as two titans in the industry have been confirmed to
 have recently fallen for the same type of security mishap: none
 other than Facebook and
 Last month it was reported that the US Department of Justice
 had arrested and charged Lithuanian man for a phishing scheme
 that had two tech companies on the hook for $100 million, and
 now they’ve been named.

While the federal case left the two companies unnamed, it
 revealed that Evaldas Rimasauskas had used fraud, identify
 theft, and money laundering to scam the victims out of more
 than $100 million. He managed to pass himself off as Quanta
 Computer, a Taiwanese parts manufacturer and supplier, and
 forged everything from emails and invoices to business

A new report from Fortune identified the victims as
 Facebook and Google, with representatives from both companies
 confirming to the publication that they had fallen for the
 scam. The DoJ originally described the companies as “a
 multinational technology company, specializing in
 internet-related services and products, with headquarters in
 the US,” and “a multinational corporation providing online
 social media and networking services.” Once Quanta, which
 provides parts for both Facebook and Google, as well as Apple
 and Amazon, admitted its name had been used in the scam, it was
 pretty obvious which companies were being talked about.

Facebook has said that it has been “cooperating with law
 enforcement in its investigation,” while Google told
 Fortune that it had “promptly alerted the authorities”
 after the fraud was detected. Both companies add that they have
 recovered most of the funds they lost to the scam, but didn’t
 mention specific amounts.

SOURCE Fortune

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