This week Google revealed that they’ll be making a new push for
 their “Google Lens” initiative (and eventual app integration).
 Much like what we’ve seen in the past with things like Google
 Goggles, Google Lens is about to make the things Android
 smartphones see — recognizable. As Google suggested today,
 Google Lens will be a “set of vision-based computing

The first places that Google Lens will be coming is in a couple
 of apps for Android devices. Using Google lLens, users will be
 able to identify objects in Google Assistant. Also in Google
 Photos, Google Lens will be able to identify new objects it
 wasn’t able to identify before.

As you’ll see in the chart shown by Google here, Image
 Recognition has become incredibly accurate over the past
 several years. A far better Vision Error Rate occurs now in
 computer algorithms than in the human brain — or so they
 suggest. Users will be able to use Google Lens to identify the
 world around them.

Users will be able to — for example — see a set of codes on a
 Wi-Fi router and attain the username and password. It has OCR –
 which is amazing. This new system is also able to point at
 restaurants and decide which restaurant is in its field of
 vision. It does this in concert with Google Maps info and GPS.

Google Lens also works with Google Translate. At a restaurant,
 users will be able to translate a menu from any language
 covered by Google Translate to any other language — Japanese to
 English, for example.

At the moment we do not know the exact time and date of the
 update to Google Assistant and/or Google Photos. When the
 update happens, we’ll bring you the links to the APK download
 for both app updates. For now, stay tuned as SlashGear
 continues to cover all Android updates throughout the Google
 I/O 2017 event series!

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