Slacker Radio, an Internet music service that has
 been around for a while but that arguably isn’t as well known
 as Spotify and Pandora, has pushed out an update for its
 Android app and with it comes Android Auto support. This is an important update
 for the service, as it now trumps many of it competitors in
 supporting the platform and as a result becomes a bit more
 attractive — at least for those who have taken to using Android
 in their car.

Slacker Radio pushed the update to its Android app on the
 Google Play Store yesterday, and in addition to the Android
 Auto support it brings some bug fixes — the problem with
 sharing to Facebook has been fixed, as well as troubles with
 playback on live stations, among other things.

Android Auto hands-on: Promising but patchy

Slacker Radio has a nicely modern design and many features — 
 users can listen to music for free on an
 advertisement-supported basis, but there are also two paid
 tiers for those who want to get rid of those advertisements and
 enjoy some additional features.

The $3.99 per month plan gets rid of ads and has unlimited song
 skips, as well as offline stations. The Premium plan is $9.99
 per month, and also includes custom playlists, offline
 playlists and albums on top of stations, and the features of
 the $3.99 plan.

SOURCE: Android Police

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