A note to self…

The alarm clock buzzed sharply and the hands in a quick motion gasp for the snooze button. A turn to affectionately hold the pillow with the best of moments in sleep.


Dear sleep is floating into sweet slumber, oh wait, eyes woke up aghast. And a continuum of venture starts. Now the clock is successful!

It is a new day out there, birds singing in unison. Music of traffic, outside window, keep buzzing. Clever brain is the real enemy. YES! It’s already up with a ‘TO DO LIST’.

This. That. The office. The course. The maid. The click. The brick. The highest cliff.

No time to even stretch. My pity self is shrieking.

The day full of tedious tasks seems bad.

But I can do it.

I need not rely on someone to make me laugh to help me with tits and bits of work.

Get out of the bed.

It’s alright, it’s alright

Jolt up a moment with a kick in the mirror.

Stare at your scars and scare them away.

Laugh at your stupid, silly issues.

Wipe your face and wipe off the problems with a splash of forced laughter.

I am a gem myself. The sower, the only true bearer.

The Phoebe of the arena.

The instincts, the unsaid murmurs of little yet true self decides the place of my basera.

A faint word ‘fear’ is out of the list of self nerve.

I carry on to the irrational journey on my own and is ready to face the adventures striking at my face. I am ready to hold myself at the back breaking knocks at the steps. In fact, I am ready to shout in ecstasy of the seasons refreshment in high glide.

I’ll either find a way or make one!