Hey people, how was your day? Feeling strange what kind of a question is that on a personal blog. Well ‘hi’ from a teeny tiny girl. A girl who has crossed her teenage but looks like a child though! With the same little mind and petite hands sourcing in this blogging world to share the thoughts of how little is the difference between ‘worry’ and ‘merry’. Yes :)
Struck with the question who am I to say out or advice out. I doesn’t wish to be a preacher to all the great happy souls out there rather invite you all to the journey of flying to the happy heights, and rejoice the birth together. 
When i walk out of office after a tiring day to go home, the hustling world stares at me and have a talk with me. A talk by the shining green petals of huge tree making a bountiful canopy. That wordless talk is quiet enriching and all the anxiety, all the uproars turn to a delight. Such is the power of little things. 
“These little things? These little moments? — They aren’t little.” 
They teaches us how perfectly can we be happily imperfect.
How effortlessly we can catch the big bad moments, roll it out and play with it. 
How simply we can laugh out at world’s attack on our way of life. When they try to daunt us, emphatize with their 
shortsighted thinking. 
Take a dive into the hustle-rustles of life’s moments and you can have the merry making eyes or the leaky teary ones. It all starts and ends with your way of serving it.

As not everyone is born with a silver spoon, yet we can get the metal painted silver ;)