The muted loud songs of a GIRL !

A one-sided lover, confused, silly, yet cute,

A silent watcher, but a clashing girl,

A girl whose life is like a flowing stream of water and she wants it kinky.

Her heart brims with sensations and mindy mind is mum.

She has cast away her intellects

to creep in the knowledge and the gospel truths,

She is a mimic of mood and has the slothy slow pace

Yet so simple with all the heavenly facts of elegance.

The masses see her with crooked eyes and she wishes to say people love her,

she say it quietly with the dialects, though she has no nitty-gritty to prove herself

and ironically her name depicts her inner self

as if she has landed with no fare.

Flawless, a Severn blushing beauty she is

endeavored with God’s pleasant bliss.

Imperfect she is in everything,


but like the tones of music, so perfect is her everything.

A strong, independent woman all by herself in this giant world

Sometimes alone

and if not, clutters way in the dark under the lampshade to be traveling light

yet not at all lonely with her ecstatic heart.

Get on the soapbox to profess

“Missing someone that could be any elf”


“That someone is herself”.

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