I have a few observations about last night’s debate that I would like to share. I’ve looked all around the internet today — trying to see if anyone else had similar observations — and I haven’t found much.

I should say that I make both observations as someone who has experienced sexual violence. . .

1) If Bill Clinton had never been accused of sexual violence, Hillary Clinton would have been able to go out on that stage as a strong voice for survivors — as a warrior both against sexual violence itself, and the enforced silence that so often…

At the end of this past week, three big, interconnected pieces dropped on the Trump/Russia story: two from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and one from Lawfare Blog. Importantly, these stories are the first real journalistic accounts of possible co-ordination between members of the Trump campaign and Russian Intel/Government. We’ve seen suggestions of co-ordination before — in the Steele Dossier, for example, or in stories regarding repeated contacts between members of the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence. But we have not, before last week, seen actual journalism connecting the Trump campaign to Russian interference.

I’m not sure why the stories…

I have some thoughts to share prior to Comey’s testimony — during which, apparently — drinking games will be held throughout DC, despite the fact that the hearing will begin at 9 am.

One such game will center around the content of content of Trump’s tweets, as he has promised to “live-tweet during the event.” If he mentions Hillary Clinton’s emails, take a shot. If he mentions fake news, take a shot. Etc.

Trump’s aides, in contrast, are reportedly trying to keep him busy all morning, to prevent the aforementioned tweeting. However, as reported by Politico, this is not an…

So, by this point, you’ve probably heard there is a French election tomorrow.

You’ve also probably heard you should be scared, particularly because a neo-fascist might come close to the French presidency.

However, the French electoral process can be confusing if you haven’t experienced it. So, I’ve tried to give a bit of an explanation here — of how the election works, who the candidates are, and my own experience in France during an election: In 2002, when I was 18 years old.

That year, I was living in the south of France and a far-right candidate was, like today…

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