Adisgladis is a Stockholm-based physical and online store for ethical and sustainable products.

Customers can explore and purchase clothes, shoes, accessories and products for camping. They sell products from different fair trade and ethical fashion brands, such as Armedangels, Veja, Kings of Indigo, Knowledge Cotton Apparel and many many more.

I designed a responsive e-commerce site that meets user’s needs and goals while focusing on the client’s business goals.

My Goal

Make the digital shopping experience easier and similar to in-store shopping, by giving the users ability to view up close and zoomed in details of products, clean navigation, call to action…

I almost never have time to sit down in a quiet room and read design books or blogs and find out what’s new in the UX/UI industry or what patterns famous designer have used. So, I’ve found podcasts the best way to keep myself update.

In the past year I’ve been listening a lot of podcasts while working. I’ve learned a lot from design leaders from Google, Spotify, Airbnb, Ebay.

Here is a list of 5 podcast that I personally like:

1. High Resolution — video series design

This podcast is the main reason of this post and I wanted to share with all of you these…

Couple of features to add to your one page checkout

Suggested design: keep the left side scrollable and right side with summary fixed

We live in a world when e-commerce is growing very fast every day. Buying products online should be easy and simple with only two or three clicks. According to Baymard Institute 67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned and that 37% of shoppers do not complete their purchase when they are required to create an account.

One page checkout is simple and provides all information upfront for customers (shipping and payment methods), unlike multi-step checkout — where purchasing a product takes longer time. Having one page checkout will increase conversion rate and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Scandinavian design in general…

A few months ago I applied in H&M for a UI designer role and as part of their recruitment process I received home assignment for solving a very interesting problem (yey I love solving problems). The assignment was called Shop the Style feature and as they said the current layout, i quote: “is not optimal from a user and business perspective”.

The goal of Shop the style is to help users discover and buy multiple products from their favourite outfit without leaving the page.

Defining the problem from the existing layout

  • Doesn’t work for screen sizes other than a wide screen
  • Difficult to see if a product…

Magica Dimitrova

UX / UI Designer based in Stockholm

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