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Oct 21 · 2 min read

Upon this, the King was perfectly delighted, his bosom expanded with joy, Satoshi Pokemon Yagami Taichi Digimon Yugioh shirt. and anxiety and grief departed from him; and, addressing his Wezeer, he said to him, Know, O Wezeer, that no one shall go on this business but thou, on account of thy consummate wisdom and politeness: depart, therefore, to thy house, and accomplish what thou hast to do, and prepare thyself by the morrow, and demand for me in marriage this damsel with whom thou hast caused my heart to be engrossed, and return not to me without her.

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The Wezeer replied, I hear and obey: — and he went to his house, and gave orders to bring presents suitable to Kings, consisting of costly jewels and precious rarities, such as were light to carry and of great value, together with Arab horses, and Davidean coats of mail,5 and chests of wealth such as language would fail to describe. These they placed upon the mules and camels, and the Wezeer departed, accompanied by a hundred memlooks and a hundred male black slaves and a hundred female slaves, and the flags and banners were unfurled over his head. The King charged him to return soon; and after his departure, the King Suleymán Sháh burned with desire, and became engrossed with love of the damsel night and day. Meanwhile, the Wezeer, by night and by day traversed the deserts and wastes until there remained between him and the city to which he was repairing one day’s journey, when he alighted at the bank of a river, and, having summoned one of his chief officers, ordered him to go quickly to the King Zahr Sháh, and to acquaint him with his approach. He answered, I hear and obey: — and went quickly to the city; and when he arrived there, it happened that the King Zahr Sháh was sitting in one of the places of recreation before the gate of the city, and, seeing him as he entered, knew him to be a stranger, and summoned him before him. So when the messenger came to him, he informed him of the approach of the Wezeer of the supreme King Suleymán Sháh, the King of El-Arḍ el-Khaḍrà and of the mountains of Iṣpahán; and the King Zahr472 Sháh rejoiced, and welcomed the messenger, and, having conducted him to his palace, said to him, Where didst thou part from the Wezeer? He answered,

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