Walking the Fine Line of Self-Promotion

I used to write more. I’m less confident these days that I can express myself in a way that interests the reader- although, I’ve been told I have interesting things to say. It’s difficult to feel that confidence in a time when it appears people don’t have time to read.

If I haven’t lost you with that last sentence, power of suggestion, you know ;) , thanks for staying with me. ☺

I’m currently in the process of auditioning for Straight Kill Films’ feature “Straight Kill”. I’ve made it past the first round of auditions, into the “Straight Kill Selects”. The producers have taken a crowdsourcing approach to the auditions and this phase calls for serious self-promotion, or, as they’re calling it: “shameless self-promotion”. We’re in Canada, afterall.

I enjoy the work- it’s a challenge. When you’re self-employed, you’ve got to self-promote. That doesn’t make it a whole lot easier, though. Not that it’s extremely difficult, either. In many ways, the digital age makes it very simple: send off a tweet here, there, and everywhere. Where it gets challenging, and difficult, I find, is in trying to figure out who might be interested in connecting with your content and helping it along. We’re all so individual and comfortable with what’s familiar.

Part of the challenge comes in the timing, and in the intense pace of promoting to gain momentum. I have until the end of March at the earliest to get the public connecting before the producers start calling people in for further readings. The last two weeks have gone well for me. Numbers are up and I’ve done a couple of interviews about my audition.

Strategy’s important, I think. Not that I consider this a game, but I think there are levels to consider, of course. There’s more to it than just pushing promos. I believe there’s got to be some ebb and flow. People need a chance to absorb the content. Even so, there’s a relentless little voice in my head saying, “What else can you do? You can do more- maybe here, here, and here, oh wait, here. You won’t know if you don’t try and you’ve got a limited time to cover the bases.”

At times it feels like a race, and then I consider one of my profs’ recent recommendation of “Effortless Mastery”. In light of that, perhaps racing’s o.k. if you’re not racing upstream. There has been a flow here, I’ve noticed, I feel that. People are steadily, and positively responding. Ideas continue to occur to me and are also sometimes generously provided by others who continue to support me in this endeavour.

Thankyou for reading. Sometimes this feels like a rollercoaster ride. A bit of watching the compass needle flicker around. Maybe that’s just me, holding my breath again. “Effortless Mastery”- the clicking of a mouse is a fairly effortless task, although there was a learning curve to it early on, indeed. ;)

Breathe. Allow people to like you. That’s where the balance is. This process is an opportunity. This opportunity is a gift. And I’m receiving. Thanks again. I appreciate your time.