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Considering you seem to think that Soros even has relevance, you’re probably getting all your information from entertainment sites like Fox News and Infowars. Clinton is irrelevant as well, she is neither the president nor a congresswoman, she does not shape the laws of this nation. The only ones that are relevant are the president, Congress, and the courts and government agencies.

I do not support Clinton or her politics, she’s too far-right for my taste (as are nearly all USA politicans). I’m simply explaining why the GOP would remain complicit to Trump’s policies; they have something to gain from him being in power, they had something to gain when the election occurred, and so far, they haven’t felt enough buyer’s remorse to bother seeing pass their cognitive dissonance, their “doublethink”.

But you seem to think everything revolves around a specific enemy rather than using your common sense and seeing who is in power.