Fenny, I think we need to start with some education on simple definitions.
TX Kevin

Where is your brother, Cain?

Your petty excuses for wishing harm upon others ring as hollow as his cry towards God. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

Note, TX’s pro-discrimination policy includes *any and all* medical care for trans people; you are defending the ability of an ER physician to say “let that sinful demon bleed out”

I will not speak anymore to you about this because it is clear that your views are to let the starving eat coal dust, let the sick die, let the unfortunate be stepped on in the mud. Because they clearly did ~*~something~*~ wrong to end up that way.

It is also clear that your views make it impossible to accept anyone who has a different life than you as even being human.

You are not an island. Where is your brother.

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