No, it’s not a fair analogy.

While some indications show that a transgender’s [sic] gender identity needs to be confirmed and supported for the best results

Nearly all recent scientific findings on gender dysphoria, in fact. And the very few that do not support have all been repeatedly and irrevocably found to be falsified in some way, lead to produce a result, and not peer reviewed by any reputable organization.

Oh, and “transgenders” aren’t some separate species. Transgender humans, transgender people, people just like you. That 1 in 300 chance could be anyone around you. Your implicit dehumanization isn’t flattering.

“ there are cases of those who were told they should be transgender and later decided that they really were not”

[citation needed]. Do you really think that someone would inflict gender dysphoria on someone else for shits and giggles? And in most of the (few) cases involving detransition, it’s societal factors that force them. It’s the fear of what others are talking about, what others are doing. It’s not their gender dysphoria suddenly disappearing. It’s society being awful. It’s transphobia. And it’s spread by that which you support.

“ Is it really advisable to just start prescribing medication to someone because they have unease about their biological sex?”

No, that strawman isn’t advisable. But that’s not how the real world works. In the real world, there are an incredible amount of gatekeepers. There’s finding a therapist to speak to. Someone who can recommend you. There’s getting supportive endocrinologists. There’s getting supportive general physicians. There’s getting the pharmacy to support you. There’s getting insurance to cover it. Some places require you to have “real life experience” (which is bullshit, but that’s beside the point) before prescribing hormones. Not something someone would do willy-nilly. In the case of minors, parents have to approve as well, and they’re generally put on completely reversible (and already widely used) puberty blocking medication rather than actually getting hormones. Because the possibility of being wrong is already baked into the very systems you’re so concerned about. Adding more gatekeeping just adds more stigma, doctors aren’t so bad with their care that they just throw hormones out the window.

“ Is it advisable to give someone hormones that are going to make changes to their body and possibly their mental state”

It is. It’s the only treatment for gender dysphoria that works. It is the only treatment for gender dysphoria that stops it in its tracks, that stops the suicides, that stops the depression, that stops the self-hate.

And besides, is it advisable to give someone hormones, through willful inaction and blatant neglect of that someone’s gender dysphoria, that are going to make changes to their body and possibly their mental state, when they have repeatedly said, time and time again (in various ways), that those hormones are the wrong ones? No? Then stop trans kids from going through the wrong, the so-called “natural” puberty. Immediately.

“ I don’t think all of the scientific answers are in on this despite what TP and the other liberal outlets want us to believe, so allowing doctors to use their best judgment on treating a condition I think is the best way to go.”

Reality has a liberal bias; it’s actually been proven by studies on those who watch Fox (and other conservative channels, like Limbaugh’s radio show), those who watch no news, and those who watch centrist news orgs like CNN or NBC. Those who watch Fox are less informed about the world than those who consume no news whatsoever.

And if the doctor’s “best judgment” is not supported by the realities of human biology, endocrinology, and psychology, then that doctor’s license should be pulled. If the doctor’s “best judgment” is based on their faith, their beliefs, and not on the scientific evidence (of which nearly all says “transition is the only way”), then that doctor is no better than a faith healer trying to cure cancer by praying to an idol on a cross. Which makes the analogy fair, valid, and correct. Worse yet, the doctor has the illusion of authority on their side.

“ And if one doctor doesn’t agree with you that you should have hormones to make you more like the sex you want to be, then you should be able to find another one who will.”


The reason why non-discrimination laws exist is because the problems become systematic, not because it’s an issue with just one doctor. And when the problems become systematic, so do the fears. So do the stigmas. And fears and stigmas last a very, very long time; why do you think so many police officers are “afraid for their lives” and wind up shooting when arresting some skinny unarmed black person for a misdemeanor, but not when arresting actual mass murderers.

If the Supreme Court allows one state to discriminate against trans people, they allow every state to. That’s how federal judgments work.


But, y’know, better 1 cis person not accidentally transition than 100,000 trans people commit suicide because of the despair that your people inflict. Better 1 cis person not deal with the awful, terrible fate of transitioning, than the chance that you ever so much as see a trans person in public. What. Fucking. Horror.

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