Heavier taxation would produce a welfare state.
Lois Raats

Your response is a perfect example of the twisted notion that laboring is the only thing that makes existence on this world worth it. What about, oh I don’t know, a few things like having time to spend caring for your family? A guarantee that you won’t go homeless just because your boss was having a bad day? Security in your life? The time and energy to follow your own pursuits?

It’s not like people will suddenly stop creating or anything like that. Every single UBI study has indicated that the people who drop out of the workforce when they receive a basic income are those who would best put their efforts elsewhere: students, a parent in families where all parents currently work, and the elderly and disabled (look at Social Security in the USA for an example of this).

The majority continue to work, both because of the added income working provides and for the sense of community. If anything, exploitative low-paying jobs, if they can’t be automated, would be forced to give their employees a lot more because the employees would have the power that unions gave them prior to the Reagan administration’s attacks on unions, that they could easily walk out if they don’t like the terms and conditions, either to negotiate themselves, or to let the bosses actually see sense for once and not just profits.

You’re obviously mistrustful of humans as a whole if you think that the world would be worse for a safety net.

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