3. Happy New Year!

It was the eve of new year. The time of the year which is supposed to be spent with someone special but some of us are not so lucky. Chhaya was one such girl. She broke up with her boyfriend just two days ago. In fact, he broke up with her two days ago because he loved someone else. She was shattered inside but had to put up a strong face because she was not the one who rants about her break up. She suffers alone and a lot.

Chhaya was going to spend new years alone, holed up in her apartment, with her loneliness and ice cream. But then she realised there was no ice cream in the fridge.

She wrapped a stole around herself and set outside amidst the chilling winds to go to the nearby store and fetch some ice cream.

She entered the store which was dimly lit by fairy lights and started her hunt for ice cream and was thinking about how her boyfriend and she used to buy groceries together when they lived together in her house before he moved out. While she was lost in her trail of thoughts, a young man tapped on her shoulder. Chhaya tore herself from her thoughts and looked into the most lively eyes she had ever seen.

“Hi, you have been holding that ice cream can for like twenty minutes now. Are you gonna take it or just let it melt like that?”

“Oh I am so sorry. I will take that.”

“Actually, that is the last box in the chocolate flavour, do you mind taking something else. My team lost a match tonight. It hurts like a break up”

Chhaya was about to say something but she stopped, smiled and handed over the ice cream to the man and turned around. Just then he said to her, “Thank you so much, I think you know what it feels like when your team loses.”

“No, I just know how it feels like to be just broken up”

The guy looked her in the face and then without saying a word, walked past her, as if they had never been talking.

‘What a boorish man!’, thought Chhaya and added some chocolates to the cart. When she went to the billing counter, the cashier said, “Happy new year ma’am. I hope you enjoy your chocolates and ice cream”

“But I did not take ice cream.”

“Actually ma’am, the person right before you paid for it and said I should give it to you.”

Chhaya was stunned for a moment but then she grabbed the ice cream and stormed out if the store. She could see the man at the corner of the road. She ran frantically and soon caught up with him.

“Hey, you left your ice cream!”

“I think you would like to have it more so I am giving it to you as a new year gift”

Just then something crazy dawned on Chhaya and she said, “I don’t know your new year plans but I think I would like to hear how your team lost while we share the ice cream at my place.”

It’s been ten years today and their ice cream sharing has become a tradition for every new year :)

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