Salesforce doesn’t joke when it comes to the security of their products and users’ data. With the growing popularity of AppExchange, a trusted marketplace that had nearly 7.5 million installs, 4,000+ solutions, 90,000 reviews in 2019, Salesforce still keeps its security standards in the same (great) shape.

Salesforce Product Security…


According to TriFin Labs, 71% of Salesforce customers actively use apps from the AppExchange. Would you like to improve your business processes on the Salesforce CRM platform? Are you seeking for the solution to simplify the process of signing documents and close deals faster or streamline permissions management? …


Salesforce takes a leading position as the #1 CRM provider for the seventh consecutive year. However, CIO magazine reports that around one-third of all CRM projects fail. …

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Salesforce market is growing very fast these years. It is estimated that in 2020 the Salesforce ecosystem will be worth around 73 billion U.S. dollars. More and more enterprises and companies adopt Salesforce every day. That creates an entire world around Salesforce products, services, consultants, and startups. As many of…


MagicFuse is a product development & consulting company purely focused on the technical side of Salesforce.

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